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Online Creative Writing Schools. Now is a Great Time to Enroll in an Online Creative Writing School. By visiting the unique online school page for one of the two creative writing schools displayed below, you'll be able to obtain comprehensive info to help you make an informed decision about where to enroll. This is a field that lends itself well to distance learning, and there are online creative writing degree programs available. Whether you want to study online or on-campus, keep reading to find out more about the top schools for writing. Best Colleges for Writing Degree Programs. Online classes draw together writers from across the globe. Our Online writing classes offer the same quality of instruction as our NYC classes, and, as much as possible, our Online classes replicate the experience of being together in a classroom with a teacher and fellow students. The classes do.

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Don't mistake the rise of video and audio media for the demise of writing. From online articles to scholarly works, there will likely always been a need for people who can transform ideas into the written word. Even videos needs people to write descriptions, and podcasts require writers to complete show notes. Aspiring writers have several different degree options. Some provide general skills in the field of writing while others are designed for a specific type of work, such as journalism.

While English degrees typically take a critical look at literature, writing degree programs are more concerned with the craft itself. This is a field that lends itself well to distance learning, and there are online creative writing degree programs available, writing schools online. Whether you want to study online or on-campus, writing schools online, keep reading to find out more about the top schools for writing. There are numerous schools offering writing degrees, and this list was created using a methodology considering writing schools online related to program options and student success.

Of all the institutions surveyed, these are the best colleges for creative writing degree programs and similar majors. As a public research institution in Virginia, Old Dominion University offers students a number of learning options.

In addition to its main campus in Norfolk, the school operates three extended learning campuses and maintains a robust online program. The school offers both a bachelor's and master's degree in creative writing on its campus as well as a bachelor's and master's degree in professional writing.

For online learners, a professional writing certificate is available, writing schools online, or students can pursue an online bachelor's degree in interdisciplinary studies with an emphasis on professional writing. ODU pulled in solid writing schools online for the prominence of its program, flexible scheduling options and strong student support services.

It has an enrollment of nearly 25, students. SUNY Writing schools online earned a spot among the best colleges for creative writing degree programs by being an affordable educational choice with small class sizes and a prominent program. Its creative writing major is a pre-professional degree that prepares students to work with a variety of written forms.

Students receive intensive training in the areas of poetry, drama, fiction, writing schools online nonfiction writing schools online screenplays.

Prior to graduation, students must complete a thesis and a writing-related internship. They will also perform their work in a solo reading. Those who don't want writing schools online major in creative writing can minor in writing instead. It enrolls nearly 4, students and has its campus in Potsdam.

With ten colleges and schools, George Mason University is the largest public research university is Virginia. Bearing the name of one of the founding fathers, the institution enrolls more than 34, students from countries on its Fairfax campus, writing schools online.

Mason is writing schools online of relatively few schools nationwide with an undergraduate creative writing degree program. Their Bachelor of Fine Arts in creative writing is offered in three concentrations: fiction, nonfiction and poetry, writing schools online. Along with classes in their concentration, students can study specific forms of writing, such as digital writing.

The university recommends all students complete a workplace internship and a senior capstone course. George Mason University has the best graduation rate among the schools on this list. It also ranks high for its student support services. The school enrolls more than 19, writing schools online, and has shown a strong commitment to helping first-year students start their college experience successfully.

The creative writing program at BGSU is one of the oldest in the country and offers both bachelor's and master's degree options. The school emphasizes the studio experience, and undergraduate students participate in small, intensive workshops. Graduate students concentrate in either poetry or fiction. Alumni include Pulitzer Prize winner Anthony Doerr. It's not just the quality of its program that helped Bowling Green State University make the cut as one of the best colleges for creative writing degree programs.

The school also ranks high for its flexible scheduling options and student support services. At its campus in Santa Fe, the institute focuses exclusively on educating students in the fine arts.

The undergraduate writing program at IAIA is focused on exploring multiple genres while also allowing students the foundation needed to share their own experience with contemporary Native culture, writing schools online.

Those looking for an online creative writing degree may find the institute's Master of Fine Arts is the right fit for them. The program is largely online with students and faculty gathering twice a year on campus for workshops, conferences and classes. IAIA has the lowest tuition rate and the second to lowest student-faculty ratio of the schools on this list. The Johnstown campus is one of two University of Pittsburgh locations to make this list of top colleges for writing.

The school is notable for its writing schools online writing program as well as its student resources which include academic counseling and career placement services.

Students enrolled in UPJ writing programs can choose from two options. There is a creative writing major for those who want to explore fictional genres as well as a professional writing major for those pursuing a career in technical or nonfiction work. Both majors result in a bachelor's degree. Pitt-Johnstown was founded in as the first University of Pittsburgh campus. With 3, students enrolled, it is also the largest location in the system.

Texas State University is another school worth considering for writing degree programs. The university offers night, weekend and online classes for those who need a flexible schedule. Tuition payment plans, academic advising and career placement for completers are among the other draws of this school, writing schools online. The program brings in visiting authors, writing schools online, agents and editors to provide master classes and readings.

Two graduates each year are selected to participate in a residency program. Texas State was authorized by writing schools online Texas Legislature in It enrolls nearly 39, students and has its campus in San Marcos.

As a public university in Minnesota's Twin Cities, Metropolitan State University has the second-lowest tuition rate among the schools on this list. Its open admissions policy means students can quickly start their education, and support services such as academic advising are offered to help them succeed.

Its undergraduate creative writing program offers a rich and diverse experience. Students can explore a wide range of genres from humor to children's literature to graphic novels.

The program also offers opportunities to learn about the practical of the publishing industry. In addition a Bachelor of Arts in creative writing, Metropolitan State offers a minor in the field, writing schools online. Taking a unique approach to higher education, Marlboro College gives students the freedom to design a learning program that fits their interests.

With less than students enrolled and a student-faculty ratio, the college says it's an independent college for independent thinkers, writing schools online. Students take an integrated approach to learning and create a plan of concentration. This allows them to combine various fields into a single education program. For example, writing degree programs may include elements of literature, visual arts or American studies, depending on a student's interests.

All students must fulfill the Clear Writing Requirement which results in a portfolio of writing samples that have writing schools online approved by faculty. Greensburg is the second University of Pittsburgh location to make this list of best colleges for creative writing degree programs.

Among what makes this school notable is that, out of the all institutions surveyed, writing schools online, it ranks fifth for the prominence of its program, writing schools online.

Students at the University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg can either major or minor in creative and professional writing. Classes are taught by authors and teachers with experience in the field. In addition to honing their own skills, students will explore books and other texts. The university notes their program provides excellent preparation for those planning to attend law school or work in the social services or education fields.

There are no minimum education requirements to become a writer, but many find a degree program provides an invaluable opportunity to gain foundational skills, learn from published authors and establish connections with the writing community, writing schools online.

Graduates from writing degree programs can go on to a number of occupations across industries, but here is the career outlook for some popular choices. There are plenty of scholarships and financial aid opportunities for those pursing a degree in writing. At the graduate level, creative writing degree programs may provide fellowships, residencies or similar avenues for people to complete their education.

Renewable in some specific cases on the basis of outstanding achievements, writing schools online. Renewable if recipient must maintain full-time enrollment and a minimum 3.

To be included in these rankings, all schools must meet the following initial criteria for the specific subject being ranked. Based on those criteria, we ranked all 2-year and 4-year schools in IPEDS that reported data for all of the following points.

Ratings are calculated on a point scale, using the weights specified. All rights reserved. Download Badge. Additional Info, writing schools online. Click here for free info about Old Dominion University.

Click here writing schools online free info about George Mason University. Click here for free info about Texas Writing schools online University, writing schools online. Click here for free info about Metropolitan State University of Denver. Metropolitan State University was founded in and enrolls nearly 11, students.

Click here for free info about Marlboro College. Marlboro College was writing schools online in Its campus is in Marlboro, Vermont. Click here for free info about University of Pittsburgh-Greensburg. Pitt-Greensburg was founded in and has nearly writing schools online, full-time students. Bachelor's Degree Programs in Writing. Two of the most common majors for bachelor's degrees are professional writing and creative writing.


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The First Writing School on the Internet. Since , writers from over two hundred countries have visited and thousands have completed our online writing courses. This is a field that lends itself well to distance learning, and there are online creative writing degree programs available. Whether you want to study online or on-campus, keep reading to find out more about the top schools for writing. Best Colleges for Writing Degree Programs. 16 rows · Online writing programs build on the fundamentals of English grammar and composition that Author: Staff Writers.